Martin Read's Roguelikes Page

This page is about one of my major favorite amusements, roguelike games.

Roguelike games are a genre of games inspired by the game Rogue, written by Glenn Wichman and Michael Toy on Unix in the early 1980s. Typical features of the genre include randomly generated dungeon layouts, magic items that must be identified before use (and whose appearance in the game is randomised from game to game), coarsely quantised time ("turn-based") and space ("tiled"), and so forth.

ASCII terminal graphics are commonly used for roguelikes, although a growing number of roguelike games have bitmap graphics or the like instead (or as well).

My Roguelike Games

Links to other people's roguelike games and related sites

Plenty of other people have written better roguelikes than mine, or better sites about roguelikes than mine, so here's a few links to them.

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