New features on the wishlist for Martin's Dungeon Bash, v1.5

This table shows the feature wishlist for version 1.5 of Martin's Dungeon Bash. Please note that bug fixes are not listed on the wishlist. The presence of any particular feature on the wishlist for a given version does not indicate that it will be implemented in that version, merely that it hasn't been rejected.

Wishlist entries are given an ID composed of the letter W, followed by the version that was current when they were first suggested, followed by a hyphen and a sequence number.

See the fulfillment list to see which wishlist entries were actually fulfilled in version 1.5.

Wishlist ID Details Proposed by
W1.4-1 An Angband-style area map. David Damerell
W1.4-2 Internals: Make the code for one-in-two chances in various places stylistically consistent. David Damerell
W1.4-3 Ability to examine items in the player's inventory. Martin Read
W1.4-4 Ability to examine monsters and receive some flavour text about them. Martin Read
W1.4-5 A "discoveries" list. Martin Read
W1.4-6 Don't spam the player with "you feel better" for basic healing-over-time David Damerell
W1.4-7 An alert message for when the player's food counter goes negative. David Damerell
W1.4-8 Some form of haste item worth having once the super-armours are available; this might have some major impact on food consumption. David Damerell
W1.4-9 Internals: Decouple dungeon width from dungeon height, and make the bounds on room dimensions scale with the dungeon dimensions. Martin Read
W1.4-10 Add a "display terrain only" keypress David Damerell

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