Wishlist entries fulfilled by Martin's Dungeon Bash, v1.5

This table shows the wishlist features which were newly implemented in version 1.5 of Martin's Dungeon Bash. Please note that bug fixes are not listed here.

Wishlist ID Details Implemented by
W1.4-2 All 1-in-2 chances now use the same phrasing. Martin Read
W1.4-3 The 'I'nspect command allows the player to inspect inventory items. Martin Read
W1.4-5 The command '\' lists the items whose function the player recognises (either by prior knowledge or by experimentation). Martin Read
W1.4-6 Healing can now be "quiet"; quiet healing does not emit "you feel better" messages. Martin Read
W1.4-7 The player is now warned when their food counter drops below 100, and again when it drops below zero. Martin Read
W1.4-9 Dungeon width and dungeon height are now decoupled from each other. The size of the dice used to determine room width and height are also controlled by compile-time macros. Martin Read
W1.4-10 The command '#' suppresses display of monsters, objects, and the player, until the player presses RETURN. Martin Read

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