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2011-04-02 Ian Jacksonnotes, hisdump.[ch]: found wip.archive-data-diff
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksonnotes: improve, make commodid map in common file
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksonnotes: new text format
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksoncanon: use base64 not base62
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksonnotes: commodids are offsets
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksoncanon: commodids in each stall are offsets
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksoncanon: show commod assignments
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksoncanon: key %s on stall,commod separately
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksoncanon: unbreak qtydiff
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksoncanon: lift commod numbering base62 out of findcommod
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksoncanon: compact a bit more; notes: wip new format
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksoncanon: break out alencodenum
2011-01-25 Ian Jacksoncanon: ad-hoc textual format
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksoncanon: support searching sells too
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksoncanon: initialise $changek0
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksonnotes for compressed archive format
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksoncanon: sort by stall not commod
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksoncanon: report number of changes to k0
2011-01-24 Ian JacksonRevert "canon: by price only, not stall"
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksoncanon: by price only, not stall
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksoncanon: print total rows
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksonwip canon before key on price only not stall
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksonsome runes
2011-01-24 Ian Jacksonsome gitignore
2011-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: new flag and ocean functionality - war... 6.8.0
2011-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: new flag and ocean functionality - embarg...
2011-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: wip new flag and ocean functionality...
2011-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: wip new flag and ocean functionality...
2011-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: wip new flag and ocean functionality...
2011-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: wip new flag and ocean functionality...
2011-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: wip new flag and ocean functionality...
2011-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: wip new flag and ocean functionality...
2011-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: wip new flag and ocean functionality
2011-01-15 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: support local command entry
2011-01-08 Ian Jacksonupload server: permit stalls which start with lowercase... 6.7.1
2010-10-21 Ian Jacksonimperial class for where-vessels 6.7.0
2010-10-21 Ian Jacksonphantom class sloops for where-vessels
2010-10-04 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: working bell disablement
2010-10-03 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: ring the bell; better formatting...
2010-10-03 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: disable debugging; do clear proper...
2010-10-03 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: get minute length right (!)
2010-10-03 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: when replacing, always delete...
2010-10-03 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: wip seems to work ish
2010-10-03 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: wip filepoll
2010-10-02 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: wip
2010-10-02 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: tints sorted
2010-10-02 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: wip
2010-09-30 Ian Jacksonypp-chatlog-alerter: initial UI
2010-09-15 Ian Jacksonyarrg database code: eliminate all NATURAL JOINs and...
2010-09-12 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into stable-6.x
2010-09-12 Ian Jacksonwebsite: jarrg is released
2010-09-12 Ian Jacksonwebsite: upload: separate jarrg linux/source tarballs
2010-09-12 Ian Jacksonwebsite: upload: centralise download url generation
2010-09-12 Ian Jacksonwebsite: fix grammar in new upload doc
2010-09-07 Ian Jacksonadd robots.txt to stop crawlers delving into lookup...
2010-09-07 Ian Jacksonadd patch output to .gitignore
2010-09-05 Ian Jacksonjarrg docs: switching away soon is ok
2010-09-05 Ian Jacksonjpctb is now called jarrg
2010-09-04 Ian Jacksonyarrg/commod-results-processor: fix potential pctb...
2010-09-04 Ian Jacksonyarrg/commod-results-processor: remove obsolete $setisland
2010-08-28 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: docs fix: You have to click in the middl... 6.6.5
2010-08-28 Ian Jacksonyarrg is not really WIP any more 6.6.4
2010-08-28 Ian Jacksonwebsite: we have a gitweb now, so update various develo...
2010-08-28 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: correctly display now-unsmashed but...
2010-08-28 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: better error message when missing -...
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksonyarrg/decode-market-data: document, and check, sort...
2010-08-27 Ian JacksonForce clients to get fix for bug-094
2010-08-25 Ian Jacksonwebsite: new client has implications for devel page too
2010-08-25 Ian Jacksonsomewhat improve the jpctb docs
2010-08-25 Ian Jacksonfix mistake "git core" should say "git clone"
2010-08-24 Ian Jacksonupload docs page: Correct and clarify cd to jpctb
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonVersion numbers no longer in download paths
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonmention ijackson's repo for jpctb-linkfarmer
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonmention older versions of the uploader
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonadd variables for urls in upload page and set version...
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonmention uploader page on devel page
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonnew upload urls
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonAll commods are now categorised
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksondocs typo fixes
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonmore updates to "upload" doc
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonfix <ol> <nl> confusion
2010-08-12 Ian JacksonFix a caption 6.6.3
2010-08-10 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: use icon jk-fan-2.xbm 6.6.2
2010-08-10 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: some more junks
2010-08-10 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: various possible junk icons, including...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: fix up have-ownership
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: expand report area to fill space available
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: disable "Show" for smash ownership when...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: more docs and error msg improvements
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: a few more disablements in the ui if...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: much better docs re ui; auto switch...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: show unsmashed code canvas for vessel...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: make new comment section for vessel...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: More improvements to lack-of-ownership...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: No notes is default. Better treatment...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: more fine-grained scale-selection
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: smash flags - set width of b string
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: smash flags
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: rename "entry" to "elem" where it doesn...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Show correct report when sizes smashed