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2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonstump/etc/procmail/save-approved,-rejected: substitute...
2014-01-27 Matthew VernonAdd -type f to crontab.part.IN0
2014-01-21 Ian Jacksoninstall-rejectionreasons: new script
2013-11-10 Ian Jacksoninstall-newsgroup: use ". get-settings" rather than...
2012-11-23 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of /u/webstump/live/
2012-11-23 Ian JacksonAllow suppressing publication of posted messages accord...
2012-11-22 WebSTUMPwebstump: do not alter the moderator's post disposition...
2012-11-22 WebSTUMPwebstump: use "reject blocklist" for the hardcoded...
2012-11-21 WebSTUMPcrontab.part.INO: rotate xlog event log weekly, not...
2011-02-08 Ian Jacksonfix up moderator removal to not print a pointless message
2011-02-02 Ian JacksonMake noack honoured for approvals too
2011-02-02 WebSTUMPfix noack function: store whole From line contents...
2011-01-26 Ian Jacksonstump: fix hideous bug where passlisting someone puts...
2011-01-05 Ian JacksonSplit nameIsInList into nameIsInListRegexp (for most...
2010-11-16 Ian Jacksonsend voting url to admin not to voters
2010-10-13 Ian Jacksonsuppress seconds and minutes units
2010-06-30 Ian Jacksondefault option on one-article screen is back of queue
2010-06-02 Ian JacksonX-prefix (not strip, previous comments are wrong) Injec...
2010-06-02 Ian JacksonStrip X-Complaints-To too
2010-06-02 Ian Jacksonfilter out some system headers in inews
2010-05-20 Ian JacksonNew "blocklist" rejection reason
2010-05-04 Ian JacksonFix secret ballot stuff
2010-04-21 Ian JacksonGenerate newsgroups.lst
2010-04-21 Ian JacksonGet dates right in log lookup
2010-04-21 WebSTUMPMerge ../live-mtm
2010-04-21 Ian JacksonAdd webstump.cfg
2010-04-21 WebSTUMPMerge ../live-mtm
2010-04-21 Ian JacksonChange defaults for log access to "true"
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonUse umask 007; preserve perms on logfiles
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonShow dates of DECISIONs
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of ../live-urcm
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonDon't mind spaces in ref supplied for log lookup
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonUse message number for reject publish filename if available
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonSupport querying and downloading of decision reasons...
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonSend webstump CGI logs to "errs" too to capture all...
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonDECISION: log lines are more parseable and include...
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonInclude the message number in X-Webstump-Event
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonSubstitute the message number for [REFERENCE] in added...
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonPlumb messagenumber through in an env var to our sub...
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonSend approval notify thingies to correct log
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonCan show diff from install-substitutions
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonAdd procmail files for various archiving, of which...
2010-04-20 Ian JacksonDo not suggest unnm for inflammatory
2010-03-19 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of /u/webstump/live-urcm
2010-03-19 Ian JacksonRemove useless use of cat causing pipefail problems
2010-03-19 Ian JacksonBetter diversion arrangements
2010-03-19 Ian JacksonDebugging of modack.approved pipe failures
2010-03-04 Ian JacksonDeal more sensibly with various combinations of input...
2010-03-04 Ian JacksonSome stylistic fixups; get rid of warning when processi...
2010-03-04 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of /u/owend/src/live-mtm
2010-03-04 Owen DunnAdded style to conserve horizontal real estate
2010-03-03 Ian JacksonDo not XMLishly autoclose the log table
2010-03-01 Ian JacksonStronger imprecations against voting before seeing...
2010-03-01 Ian JacksonAllow votes to be entered in upper case
2010-03-01 Ian JacksonFix actual injection
2010-03-01 Ian JacksonFix quoting to strip Receiveds
2010-03-01 Ian JacksonFix up rejected messages address
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonExpire old published rejections
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonPublish rejections
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonSends rejection copies to record etc.
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonMake sanitise_and_quote_email into a script
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonMore error handling: set -e, set -o pipefail
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonError handling fixes including new log file
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonActual error messages
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonRemove more urcm-isms
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonHide rune for wrong installation in webstump Makefile
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonParameterise rejection reasons
2010-02-28 Ian JacksonRejection messages; other fixes
2010-02-27 Ian JacksonBugfixes for permissions
2010-02-27 Ian JacksonBugfixes etc.
2010-02-27 Ian JacksonBig changes to fully configure for group
2010-02-27 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of /u/webstump/live-urcm
2010-02-27 Ian JacksonAdd .dummy in webstump/bin to ensure creation of empty dir
2010-02-25 Ian JacksonNew secret ballot machinery
2010-02-25 Ian JacksonMerge; also move moderators from master/
2010-02-25 Ian JacksonAdd master/moderators to .gitignore
2010-02-24 Ian JacksonUse -oi -odb on sendmail (!)
2009-12-04 Ian JacksonWIP installation stuff
2009-12-04 Ian JacksonAdd junk file before removal
2009-12-04 Ian JacksonCrontab and forward installation - wip
2009-11-09 Ian JacksonInitial commit as found