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Remove buf, and add Ethereal analysis.
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2003-10-15 mdwAdd support for Ethereal protocol analysis.
2003-07-13 mdwVersion bump. 1.0.0pre5
2003-05-17 mdwShip new configuration and startup kit.
2003-05-16 mdwVersion bump.
2003-04-06 mdwAnd again. (Sigh.)
2003-04-06 mdwFix stupid bug.
2003-04-06 mdwSupport Linux TUN/TAP device. Fix some bugs.
2001-06-19 mdwVersion bump. 1.0.0pre2
2001-03-03 mdwMake this a pre-release. 1.0.0pre1
2001-02-22 mdwBuild documents now.
2001-02-16 mdwDon't link the client against Catacomb.
2001-02-04 mdwCreate a configuration header file to tidy up command...
2001-02-03 mdwInitial checkin.