chiark / gitweb /, debian/: Overhaul Wireshark plugin build machinery.
[tripe] / debian / rules
2013-06-22 Mark Woodingdebian: Drop CDBS in favour of plain Debhelper.
2013-06-19 Mark `Better' broken attempt to find Wireshark...
2013-01-12 Mark Woodingdebian: Get Wireshark version from the right place. 1.0.0pre12.1
2012-09-18 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'mdw/backoff'
2012-04-25 Mark Woodingcontrib/ Login script for establishing dynamic...
2012-04-23 Mark Woodingcontrib/ Grotty script to send a TrIPE greetin...
2012-04-23 Mark Woodingdebian/rules: Throw the contrib scripts into `examples'.
2011-06-27 Mark Woodingclient/tripectl.c, debian: Fix logging privileges disaster.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingdebian: Run the server as `tripe' rather than `root'.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingsvc: Peer management services.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingpy: New Python module for writing services and suchlike
2008-12-08 Mark WoodingAdd testing infrastructure.
2008-03-29 Mark WoodingBuild system overhaul to conform to new standards.
2008-03-18 Mark Woodingdebian: Pre-emptive reorganization.
2007-01-28 Mark Woodingcleanup: Whitespaces fixes, left right and centre.
2006-12-30 Mark WoodingGreat reorganization.
2006-12-11 Mark WoodingRename ethereal -> wireshark.
2005-10-04 mdwMore support scripts and other cool stuff.
2005-09-12 mdwGeneral overhaul of tunnelling: allow multiple tunnel...
2003-11-29 mdwDebianization. 1.0.0pre6