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General overhaul of tunnelling: allow multiple tunnel drivers in one daemon,
[tripe] / doc / tripe.8
2005-09-12 mdwGeneral overhaul of tunnelling: allow multiple tunnel...
2005-09-12 mdwImprove the SLIP driver: allow dynamic creation of...
2005-09-03 mdwVersion bump; new email address. 1.0.0pre7
2005-09-03 mdwSupport SLIP encapsulation as a tunnelling mechanism.
2005-04-30 mdwAllow admin clients to filter out async messages. ...
2004-04-18 mdwAllow user-specified symmetric crypto algorithms.
2004-04-03 mdwSupport elliptic curve key exchange.
2003-05-17 mdwDocument the new `-b' option.
2003-04-15 mdwVarious nips and tucks. 1.0.0pre3
2003-04-15 mdwExplain the `-U' and `-G' options.
2003-04-06 mdwAnother error fix.
2003-04-06 mdwSupport Linux TUN/TAP device. Fix some bugs.
2001-02-19 mdwMore documentation.
2001-02-16 mdwInitial versions of documentation.