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Upgrade licence to GPLv3+.
[tripe] / svc /
2018-06-14 Mark WoodingUpgrade licence to GPLv3+.
2015-05-08 Mark Woodingsvc/ (cmd_kick): Call the right function.
2014-07-20 Mark Woodingsvc/ Only check the configuration database...
2014-01-28 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'mdw/svc-merge'
2014-01-14 Mark WoodingMerge the `connect' and `watch' services.
2013-01-05 Mark WoodingExplicit close-down notifications. 1.0.0pre12
2012-09-18 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'mdw/multi-priv'
2012-05-07 Mark WoodingAllow different peer associations to use different...
2012-03-21 Mark WoodingNew peer option `-mobile': follow rapid IP address...
2010-05-17 Mark WoodingDisassociate public key tags from peer names.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingsvc: Peer management services.