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2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellTree layout and context menu for playlist picker.
2009-11-27 Richard Kettlewelldisorder-normalize always uses a fresh resampler on...
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellContext menu for playlist picker
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellTree structure for playlist picker
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellDocument that issue #32 was fixed.
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMerge some Disobedience work
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellKill most of old Disobedience man page, copying remaini...
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellUpdate the queue up to every 15s or so to stop expected...
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellComment
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellCorrect playlist delete button sensitivity
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellPlaylist errors should not be transients of the main...
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellComments
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellAdd missing (de)select all accels to edit menu
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMerge new Disobedience manual
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellBack-link to index
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellPlaylists and misc
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellTrack properties
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellInstall Disobedience manual and make Disobedience use...
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellA new chapter with descriptions of the tabs
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellStart a window layout chapter
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellStyling and (c) notices
2009-11-26 Richard Kettlewellwhat's in ch. 1
2009-11-26 Richard Kettlewelltypo
2009-11-26 Richard Kettlewellinitial login
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMost of intro section
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellAvoid 'client'
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellDiagram
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMerge Disobedience playlist support.
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellRemove CPPery for playlists
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMention playlists in Disobedience manual and CHANGES.
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellAdd shared/public/private radio button set to playlist...
2009-11-25 Richard KettlewellMake the properties window's progress window a transien...
2009-11-25 Richard KettlewellSome keyboard shortcuts
2009-11-25 Richard KettlewellMore realistic default size for playlist window.
2009-11-25 Richard KettlewellClean up picker list store properly
2009-11-24 Richard KettlewellQuieten debugging
2009-11-24 Richard Kettlewellmissed a critical bit of the q->prev logic!
2009-11-24 Richard Kettlewellinclude prev links in playlist queue_entry structures...
2009-11-24 Richard KettlewellMostly working playlist rearrangement.
2009-11-24 Richard KettlewellDrag targets are now specified separately for each...
2009-11-24 Richard KettlewellCorrect playlist unique ID construction
2009-11-24 Richard Kettlewell--with-bits was removed, don't mention in README
2009-11-24 Richard Kettlewellmention libsamplerate0-dev for fink in README.developers
2009-11-23 Richard KettlewellCheckpoint playlist drop support
2009-11-23 Richard KettlewellRemoval of tracks from a playlist
2009-11-23 Richard Kettlewellrearrange code so more of it happens forwards
2009-11-23 Richard KettlewellWork on playlist right-click menu
2009-11-23 Richard KettlewellRight click play playlist option
2009-11-23 Richard Kettlewellleave a TODO
2009-11-23 Richard KettlewellDon't playlist_list_update when playlist-modified
2009-11-23 Richard KettlewellMake queue rearrangement debug output more readable.
2009-11-23 Richard Kettlewellmore terminology rationalization
2009-11-23 Richard Kettlewellrationalize terminology and symbol names a bit
2009-11-23 Richard KettlewellFill playlist queulike. Selection is borked.
2009-11-23 Richard KettlewellPreserve playlist selection when list changes
2009-11-23 Richard KettlewellFix playlist deletion and some update logic
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellNew playlist creation
2009-11-22 Richard Kettlewellnote playlist-get error response
2009-11-22 Richard Kettlewell(Slightly scrappy) new playlist box
2009-11-22 Richard Kettlewelltypo
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellCreate a queuelike for playlist editing
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellTypo
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellSplit up playlist window creation code a bit
2009-11-22 Richard Kettlewellmissing from last change
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellMore specific symbol-naming
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellPlay a playlist from the menu
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellTypos, comments, etc.
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellRe-enable Disobedience playlist support on this branch
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellDon't attempt to build debs for dapper (which is where the
2009-11-22 Richard KettlewellUse gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text() instead of obsolete...
2009-11-21 Richard Kettlewellogg decodes differently in different places l-(
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellCheck mp3 decoding too
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellDecoder tests no longer depend on being able to run...
2009-11-21 Richard Kettlewellupdate python dep in README.developers
2009-11-21 Richard Kettlewelltypo in error message
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellWarn that libsamplerate will become non-optional (for...
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellUpdate deprecation warnings
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellTypo
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellUse libsamplerate in disorder-normalize, if available...
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellMention libsamplerate in readmes
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewelldisorder-normalize now uses resample_convert() if libsa...
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewellmissing 'break's
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellMove ENDIAN_ constants to new byte-order.h.
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewellerror/fatal/info -> disorder_error/fatal/info
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellA couple of stray disorder_error/_fatal fixes
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewellerror/fatal/info -> disorder_error/fatal/info
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellDon't use fatal macro
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellQuieten compiler
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellMore resampler testing
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellMore resampler tests
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellTrivial resampler fixes
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellInitial resample.c implementation
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellFix the build fix. It turns out that Uint32 != uint32_t.
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellMerge mac build fix
2009-11-19 Richard Kettlewell64-bit macos fix
2009-11-18 Richard KettlewellFix httpdir handling typo
2009-11-18 Richard KettlewellMore consistent code layout
2009-11-18 Richard KettlewellMerge D+D memory management fixes
2009-11-18 Richard KettlewellCorrect Build-Depends syntax. Stupid me for not testing!
2009-11-17 Richard KettlewellUpdate GTK+ version required