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Add nsfw and nws commands
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2011-04-13 Matthew VernonAdd nsfw and nws commands
2011-04-13 Matthew Vernonupdate URL for the nsfw handler
2011-04-01 Matthew Vernondocument Owen's nsfw:// handler for firefox
2011-04-01 Matthew Vernondocument nsfw support
2011-03-02 Matthew Vernonmake clear you can twit by /msg or in-channel
2011-03-02 Matthew Vernondocumentation for twit command from naath
2011-02-22 Matthew Vernoncorrect address
2011-02-22 Matthew Vernoncorrect URLs for trouts flirts and slashes
2011-02-17 Matthew Vernonchanges to migrate from rapun to chiark
2010-06-07 Matthew VernonMerge branch 'master' of /home/matthew/public_html/irc
2010-06-07 Matthew Vernoncorrect missing quote
2010-05-25 Matthew Vernondocument the url command
2009-08-27 Matthew Vernonreflect new location of {flirts,trouts,slashes} files
2009-08-07 Matthew Vernonadd documentation for the define command
2009-08-06 Matthew Vernoncorrect doctype
2009-08-06 Matthew Vernonupdate web-page to show where source can be got via git
2009-08-05 Matthew VernonAdd servus.html from ~/public_html/irc