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descriptionServus: an IRC bot
ownerMatthew Vernon
last changeWed, 10 Oct 2018 16:16:29 +0000 (17:16 +0100)
5 days ago Matthew VernonRemove trout in light of objections master
2018-09-24 Matthew Vernonnew trout from rjk
2018-08-28 Matthew Vernonnew flirt from Emperor (SatW board game)
2018-08-21 Matthew Vernoncorrect typo (missing : )
2018-08-21 Jonathan David... Add a limit to tweet expansion recursion.
2018-08-21 Jonathan David... Add exemplar servus_twapi_oauth.txt file.
2018-08-21 Jonathan David... With the new embedded tweet code there's no reason...
2018-08-21 Jonathan David... Fix for embedded tweet support:
2018-06-11 Matthew Vernonnew flirts from rejs
2018-06-11 Matthew Vernonnew trouts from rejs
2018-04-28 Matthew VernonNew trouts from rjk
2018-04-10 Matthew Vernonnew trout from Emperor (based on previous)
2018-04-10 Matthew Vernonnew trout from rjk
2018-03-01 Matthew Vernonnew trouts from rjk
2018-02-28 Matthew Vernonnew flirt from jtn
2018-02-16 Matthew Vernonnew trout from jtn
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