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changelog, etc.: Finalise 1.5.1.
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2016-08-12 Ian JacksonUpdate copyright dates
2015-02-21 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Do not crash when one of several addr...
2015-01-29 Ian JacksonPortability: Fix assumption about read() and write...
2014-11-02 Ian JacksonPortability fix for systems where socklen_t is bigger...
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf parsing: Treat unknown adns_af: values...
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf parsing: Rename OPTION_IS etc. to WORD_IS
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf option parsing: Fix word separation
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonConfig parsing: Provide a way to ignore unknown resolv...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonConfig parsing: Ignore some BIND9-specific resolv.conf...
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf parser: Avoid duplicating lengths in option...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonAPI: Reject unknown flags
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonMake internal function vbuf__append_quoted1035 static
2014-10-24 Ian JacksonRemove RCSids.
2014-10-24 Ian JacksonAPI: Provide adns_qf_cname_strict
2014-10-24 Ian Jacksonenums: Add `sizeforce' member value
2014-10-20 Ian Jacksonadns.h: Generalise some mentions of A RRs.
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Add copyright for Mark Wooding
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Update copyright dates for Ian Jackson
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Delete FSF street address
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Update version in file header comments
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Clarify comment for addr_submit (style) wip.ipv6
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Rewrite pap_addr (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Clarify gettimeofday error handling (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Clarify addr_rrtypeflag loop (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Rename `hunoz' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/query.c: adns__free_interim: Add assertion
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/query.c: Rename alloc_info (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/event.c: Use `continue' in adns_processreadable...
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/setup.c: Reuse variable i (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Rename `udpsocket' and `nudp' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Fix commentary mood (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Rename a variable `n' to `salen' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Add a missing space (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Clarify logic in clk_srv (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Rename some variables `stat' to `st' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Rename a variable `err' to `st' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonreverse parsing: Clearer algorithm
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonreverse parsing: Make adns__revparse_* return bool
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonreverse parsing: Pass dgram and labstart instead of...
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonIntroduce adns__labels_equal and ctype_toupper
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonaddrfam: Make SIN, SIN6 more regular
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonaddrfam: Introduce SOCKADDR_IN_IN6, etc.
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonaddrfam: New arrangements for protocol address types
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonaddrfam: mark unknown_af as not returning
2014-10-19 Mark WoodingSupport IPv6 in addr queries.
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/types.c: Handle inconsistent CNAME records between...
2014-10-19 Mark WoodingSupport v6-mapping IPv4 addresses found doing addr...
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/types.c: Cope with multiple address families when...
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/types.c: Better record parsing for addr queries.
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/types.c: Start on IPv6 support in adns_r_addr queries.
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonReentrancy: Avoid reentrant callbacks
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonReentrancy: Introduce adns__cancel
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonReentrancy: Introduce adns__returning
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonReentrancy: Add warning comment to adns__must_gettimeofday
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonReentrancy: adns__internal_submit does list handling
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/types.c: When sorting, IPv4 prefixes match v6-mappe...
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/: New type hook `query_send'.
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/query.c: Export adns__cancel_children.
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/query.c: New function `adns__free_interim' for...
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/: Track sizes of interim-allocated blocks.
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/: Support for transport over IPv6 (and other protoc...
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/event.c: introduce ADD_POLLFD
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/: Support IPv6 reverse queries.
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/, client/: Support for AAAA lookups.
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/, client/: Use the new adns_text2addr/addr2text...
2014-10-19 Mark Woodingsrc/addrfam.c (adns_addr2text): Don't print junk in...
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonNew public-facing functions for address/text conversions.
2014-10-12 Mark Woodingsrc/addrfam.c, src/...: Abstract out address-family...
2014-10-12 Mark Woodingsrc/: Fix internals to carry around address families.
2014-10-12 Mark Woodingsrc/adns.h, src/types.c: Now adns_rr_addr can hold...
2014-10-12 Mark WoodingBodge adns_r_addr query-id selection and fix regression...
2014-10-12 Mark Woodingsrc/: Lay the groundwork for variably-sized record...
2014-10-12 Mark Woodingsrc/: Pass the wanted query's type code to adns__intern...
2014-10-12 Mark Woodingsrc/: Carve out a `representation' subfield of adns_rrtype.
2014-10-12 Mark Woodingsrc/: PTR queries now submit A subqueries, not `addr'.
2014-10-12 Mark Woodingsrc/types.c, regress/: Use checklabel hook to parse...
2014-10-12 Mark Woodingsrc/, regress/: Prepare for early failures in PTR queries.
2014-06-13 Mark Woodingsrc/: Change how query domain names are checked.
2014-06-13 Mark Woodingsrc/: adns__internal_submit can modify ctx->tinfo.
2014-06-13 Mark Woodingsrc/internal.h: Hoist the qcontext definition to before...
2014-06-13 Mark Woodingsrc/types.c: Rearrange the main typeinfo table.
2014-06-13 Mark Woodingsrc/: Separate context state into parts for the type...
2014-06-13 Mark Woodingsrc/types.c: Fix up the table-of-contents comments.
2014-06-13 Mark Woodingsrc/adns-internal.h: Kill decoy internal header file.
2014-06-13 Mark Woodingsrc/internal.h: Delete decoy type `rr_align'.
2014-06-13 Mark Woodingsrc/types.c: Remove some unused macros.
2014-06-09 Mark WoodingRemove unused variables.
2014-06-09 Mark Woodingsrc/setup.c: Check netmask more carefully.
2014-06-09 Mark Woodingsrc/setup.c: Insert missing parentheses.
2014-06-09 Mark WoodingHacking to make out-of-tree builds work properly.
2014-05-05 Ian Jackson.gitignore: Add subdirectories' .cvsignores
2014-05-05 Ian JacksonCVS to git conversion cvs-to-git-conversion
2006-08-09 ian+ Improvements for multithreaded programs:
2006-06-06 ian+ * Do away with `mismatch' variable in parse.c:adns__...
2006-05-10 ian+ Portability fixes:
2006-04-08 ianupdate copyright dates
2006-04-07 ianunknown rr types seem to work
2006-04-06 ianspec for adns_r_unknown
2006-04-06 ianremove debugging from srv with postsort
2006-04-06 iansrv with postsort seems to work