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anticommit desired contents
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2012-03-06 Ian Jacksonanticommit desired contents
2012-03-06 Ian JacksonRename \merge to \mergeof so we can have \merge
2012-03-06 Ian Jacksonprovide \nge and \nle (which \not uses)
2012-03-06 Ian Jacksonwip anticommit desired contents
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonformatting fix
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonfix title etc. in merge use of no replay
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonwip anticommit
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonimprove "no replay for merge results" (correct conditio...
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonprovide \base and \patch
2012-03-05 Ian JacksonNo Replay for Merge Results
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonwip anticommit; use \merge
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksondefine \merge and add it to notation section
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonwip experiment merge
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonwip anticommit
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonfinish merge unique base (we think)
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonwip merge
2012-03-05 Ian Jacksonwip merge
2012-03-04 Ian Jacksonheading for other side
2012-03-04 Ian Jacksonfix a typo
2012-03-04 Ian Jacksona possible bug
2012-03-04 Ian Jacksonincrease \errorcontextlines
2012-03-04 Ian Jacksonadd some missing { } around macro args
2012-03-04 Ian Jacksonsubsubsection hyperref font problems: try exciting...
2012-03-03 Ian Jacksondemo problem test case
2012-03-03 Ian Jacksonadd FIXME because \py seems to cause barf in \subsubsection
2012-03-02 Ian Jacksonwip merge unique base
2012-03-02 Ian Jacksonwip merge unique base
2012-03-02 Ian Jacksonlemma calculation of ends, no proof yet
2012-03-02 Ian Jacksonclarify by swapping two vars
2012-03-02 Ian JacksonLargeexists
2012-03-02 Ian Jacksonmerge no replay
2012-03-02 Ian Jacksonwip merge
2012-03-02 Ian Jacksonwip merge before rejoin tip merge condition
2012-03-02 Ian Jacksonwip merge
2012-03-02 Ian Jacksonmacros \true and \false
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonremove symbol test section
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonsimple commits
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksona wrapper for gather
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonfixes
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonends, work, etc.
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonmore lemmas
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonwork
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonmdw's bigforall
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonmore style
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonhaspatch
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonno gather
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksontry gather
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonconvert unique base to equation display
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonpatchof
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonremove some obsolete deps
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonbetter nothaspatch
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonpancs, pends
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonamsmath
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksontry leqno
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonfull stop
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksondrop mnsymbol, use mathabx
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksondefine patch
2012-03-01 Ian Jacksonnice formatting for notation
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksondisplays
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksonnot nath, urgh
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksonmore
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksonuse strayman
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksonweird chars before begin document
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksonparents
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksonpay pan etc.
2012-02-29 Ian Jackson{not,}{in,has}patch
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksondeclareslashed seems to work
2012-02-29 Ian Jacksontests