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2017-09-24 Ian Jacksonchangelog: document last change for-aldabra
2017-09-24 Ian JacksonRevert "Switch to using Halibut's new direct .CHM gener...
2017-09-24 Ian Jacksonremove -pedantic
2017-09-24 Ian Jacksonchangelog: version
2017-09-24 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2017-09-24 Ian Jacksonchangelog: version
2017-09-24 Ian Jacksondeclare ff Merge commit '7cae89f' into HEAD
2017-09-23 Simon TathamPattern: randomise rounding bias in generate().
2017-09-23 Simon TathamPattern: missing special case in the solver.
2017-09-20 Simon TathamBuild test HTML wrapper pages for the Javascript puzzles.
2017-09-20 Simon TathamMap Ctrl-Shift-Z to Redo.
2017-09-20 Simon TathamGenerate special fake keypresses from menu options.
2017-09-14 Simon TathamCall game_id_change_notify_function after deserialisation.
2017-09-07 Simon TathamFix borders on the HTML menu bar.
2017-09-06 Simon TathamHTML: move 'New game' back out of the drop-down menu.
2017-09-05 Simon TathamMake the images on the web page link to the JS puzzles.
2017-09-05 Simon TathamSupport for loading games in Javascript puzzles.
2017-09-05 Simon TathamSupport for saving games in Javascript puzzles.
2017-09-05 Simon TathamFactor some HTML dialog functions out of emcclib.
2017-09-05 Simon TathamOrganise the JS menus/buttons bar more like a menu.
2017-09-04 Simon TathamMines: show the number of safe squares left, if it...
2017-08-24 Simon TathamSwitch the Windows builds over to clang-cl.
2017-08-24 Simon TathamSet up a clang-cl makefile.
2017-08-24 Simon TathamWin64-cleanness: switch to {Get,Set}WindowLongPtr.
2017-08-24 Simon TathamDiscontinue the Inno Setup Puzzles installer.
2017-08-24 Simon TathamNet: fix assertion failure on insoluble puzzles.
2017-06-05 Phil BordelonMake cellsize a char.
2017-05-13 Simon TathamSwitch to using Halibut's new direct .CHM generation.
2017-05-07 Simon TathamSwitch chiark URLs to https.
2017-05-05 Simon TathamFix infinite-loop bug in Loopy's autofollow feature.
2017-04-30 Simon TathamNitpicks to the previous commit.
2017-04-30 Franklin WeiWork around non-compliant sprintf().
2017-04-26 Simon TathamLoopy: optional 'autofollow' UI feature.
2017-04-26 Simon TathamUse the new hierarchical preset menu feature in Loopy.
2017-04-26 Simon TathamRework the preset menu system to permit submenus.
2017-04-26 Simon TathamJavascript puzzles: switch to a CSS-based drop-down...
2017-04-24 Simon TathamUse symbolic enum values in the Loopy presets array.
2017-04-24 Simon TathamNew Loopy tiling: 'Great Great Dodecagonal'.
2017-03-13 Simon TathamNet: rework status line to cope with empty squares.
2017-03-12 Simon TathamNet: fix completion check if top left square is empty.
2017-02-27 Simon TathamGTK API deprecation: in GTK 3.22, stop using gdk_cairo_...
2017-02-27 Simon TathamGTK API deprecation: use GtkCssProvider for window...
2017-01-17 Ben Hutchings_show-debian-version-number
2017-01-17 Ben Hutchings_slant-shade-filled
2017-01-17 Ben Hutchings_online-help
2017-01-17 Ben Hutchings_make-more-docs
2017-01-17 Ben Hutchings_translate-docs
2017-01-17 Ben Hutchingsfix-ftbfs-with-gcc-6
2017-01-17 Ben Hutchings_fix-pearl-min-dimensions
2017-01-17 Ben Hutchingssgt-puzzles (20161228.7cae89f-1) unstable; urgency...
2017-01-17 Ben HutchingsImport sgt-puzzles_20161228.7cae89f.orig.tar.gz
2017-01-17 Ben HutchingsImport sgt-puzzles_20161228.7cae89f-1.debian.tar.xz
2016-12-27 Simon TathamAdd some missing calls to midend_redraw().
2016-12-16 Simon TathamFix missing error highlights (+ array underrun!) in...
2016-12-11 Simon TathamCorrect a logic error in Unequal game desc validation.
2016-12-06 Khem RajClarify conditions to avoid compiler errors
2016-12-03 Simon TathamStop using deprecated GTK 3 geometry-based functions.
2016-10-30 Simon TathamClarify the Black Box rules slightly.
2016-10-28 Simon TathamFix completion checking in Killer Solo.
2016-04-28 Simon TathamAccount for disconnected paths in Loopy and Pearl error...
2016-04-28 Simon TathamRe-run from within
2016-04-24 Simon TathamExplicitly set RGB colourspace in's use of...
2016-04-24 Simon TathamImprove 'illegal colour' error message in
2016-04-09 Simon TathamUpdate build script for Inno Setup 5.5.9.
2016-03-14 Simon Tathams/Subversion/git/ in README.
2016-03-11 Simon TathamAdd a .htaccess redirection for the new .msi file.
2016-03-10 Simon TathamUse WiX to generate an MSI-based Puzzles installer.
2016-03-01 Simon TathamUpdate Buildscr to use the new 'with' mechanism.
2016-02-26 Simon TathamTracks: fix further completion-checking loopholes.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamPearl: revise loop detection similarly to Loopy.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamPearl: reinstate a conditioned-out assertion.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamLoopy: be friendlier to right-click-less playing style.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamLoopy: revamp loop detection, but not using findloop.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamTracks: tighten up a small loophole in completion checking.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamTracks: use the new findloop for loop detection.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamSlant: use the new findloop for loop detection.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamNet: use the new findloop for loop detection.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamBridges: use the new findloop for loop detection.
2016-02-24 Simon TathamNew centralised loop-finder, using Tarjan's algorithm.
2016-02-14 Phil BordelonAdd patternpicture to .gitignore.
2016-02-14 Phil BordelonUpdate documentation links.
2016-02-01 Simon TathamAdd missing casts to unsigned char inside ctype functions.
2016-01-07 Simon TathamRename the docs section for Rectangles.
2016-01-07 Simon TathamFix a typo in the Black Box docs examples.
2016-01-03 Simon TathamFix a valgrind warning in the Keen DIFF_HARD solver...
2015-12-31 Khem Rajrect: Fix compiler errors about uninitialized use of...
2015-12-24 Simon TathamAdd a missing error message in Flood solve_game().
2015-12-18 Simon TathamClarify in README that is for nmake.
2015-12-12 Simon TathamNew utility 'patternpicture', to build a Pattern from...
2015-12-12 Simon TathamPattern: add a system of immutable pre-filled grid...
2015-12-12 Simon TathamPattern: fix solver's handling of empty rows.
2015-12-12 Simon TathamPattern: make part of the game_state shared.
2015-12-12 Simon TathamCode-sign the Windows puzzle binaries and installer.
2015-12-06 Simon TathamImplement align_label for GTK 3.[14,16).
2015-11-28 Chris BoyleAllow unlocking an island despite moving slightly.
2015-11-17 Simon TathamConvert Buildscr to use the new "do/win" mechanism.
2015-11-03 Simon TathamFix loophole in Palisade completion checker.
2015-11-03 Simon TathamFormat Palisade solve-type moves in sensible ASCII.
2015-10-23 Simon TathamFix premature completion flash in Tracks.
2015-10-21 Jonas KölkerTents: mark squares as non-tents with {Shift,Control...