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site: Force use of configured name only if we are mobile
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2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonsite: Negotiate (configurable) MTU wip.frag.v1
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksontest-example: USE mtu of 1400 not 500 (!)
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksontest-example: Provide test which uses unshare(8)
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: support multiple transforms
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonMobile sites: Update test example
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonMultiple udp ports: Add to test
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonTest example: improve logging, choice of ports
2011-07-13 Ian JacksonSecurity: Reduce impact of bogus key setup packet DoS
2011-07-13 Ian JacksonTest example: instructions for running under valgrind...
2011-07-13 Ian JacksonTest example: Files for a simple testing configuration...