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2020-02-16 Ian JacksonMakefiles: Use to implementing RECHECK_RM master
2020-02-16 Ian JacksonMerge subdirmk 0.4
2020-02-16 Ian JacksonREADME: Update copyright date
2020-02-16 Ian JacksonREADME: Fix documentation errors relating to &{ etc.
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonlogging: site: Log state on PHASE_RUN entry instead...
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonsite: Rename site_phase_hook to site_phase_shutdown_hook
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonlogging: Move "starting" message earlier
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonsite: Change site->control(bool_t) to site->startup()
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonlogging; site: Do not log transport_peers_clear if...
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonlogging: site: Introduce transport_peers_init which...
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonlogging: start rather earlier
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonstartup: Break out start_sites
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Start 0.6.1
2020-02-16 Ian JacksonFinalise 0.6.0 v0.6.0
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonconfigure[.ac]: Arrange to cope with jessie's gcc
2020-02-16 Ian JacksonRevert "site, pubkeys: Avoid for (int a=..."
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonsite, pubkeys: Avoid for (int a=...
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: Do ascii conversion after % format
2020-02-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Fix typo
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonpretest-to-tested: Do not descend into subtree histories
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonchangelog: tidy up changes since 0.5.1
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonchangelog: tidy up changes since 0.5.1
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonchangelog: add notes about changes since 0.5.1
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonchangelog: work on documentation of changes since ea315...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonsig: Abolish sethash and defhash everywhere
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonrsa: Bring hash selection in-house
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonconfig: Reject rather than silently ignoring wrong...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonsha1: Provide sha1_hash_if
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonrsa: Provide dict context argument in load_ctx
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmobile sites: Do not ever expire peer addresses
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: Use subdirmk's new &:macro feature
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonsite: Always advertise all capabilities
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonbuild system: Fix race bug in recheck target
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksondh: Fix mpz padding bug in use of write_mpbin
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksondh: move write_mpbin in to dh.c
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Print spawn rune on a line by itself
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Allow SECNET_STEST_DIVERT_*='i <some stuff>'
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Require SECNET_STEST_DIVERT_* paths to start...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: When SECNET_STEST_DIVERT_* set, print diverted...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Move puts $argl into divert branches
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Honour SECNET_STEST_TIMEOUT_MUL to multiply...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Introduce adj-after
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonparallel bisect scripts: Honour $1 as iteration count
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonparallel bisect scripts: Better logging
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonparallel bisect scripts: ad-hoc
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonsite: Move earlier all things needed for slog
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonlog: Remove a now-redundant conditional
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonlog: Provide system_log from the very start
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonlog: Break out logfile_file_init
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Add test for load-private
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonload-private: Use cfgfile_log, not system_log
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonsecnet: Provide `load-private' verb
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonprivcache: Break out DEFAULT_MAXPRIV_BYTES
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonsecnet: loadpriv interface: Return a closure_t too
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonprivcache: Minor style fixes
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonprivcache: Regularise error handling in missing defhash...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonprivcache; uncached_load_file: Introduce error_out
2020-02-15 Ian JacksonCL_GET_STR_ARG: Move into util.h
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonprivcache: Break out uncached_load_file
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonprivcache: Transpose scheme lookup and file opening
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonprivcache: uncached_get: Introduce `databuf' local
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonprivcache: uncached_get: Introduce `defhash' local
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonprivcache: uncached_get: Introduce `path' local
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest/t-Cnonnego-onr: New test
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Make it possible to have kex initiated by `outside'
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonsest/t-Cnonnego-on: New test
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Machinery for runing an old secnet if a test...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-common: Framework for compatibility tests
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-common: Use $(wildcard ) rather than $(shell echo )
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmtest/t-filter: New test for --filter mode
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: Provide --filter mode
2020-02-15 Ian JacksonREADME.make-secnet-sites: Slightly restructure mode...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: OpConf: Move positional_args to...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: OpUserv: Rename sitesfile to outputfile
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: OpBase.write_out: Move heading back...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: OpBase.write_out: Tolerate sitesfile...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: Abolish now-obsolete `service' variable
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: Provide explicit --conf mode option
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: OpBase.read_in: save read lines
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: Move sites file writing into OpBase
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: Refactor operational code into OpModes
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: Introduce new OpMod classes
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest/t-nonnego-oo: Use `make-public' verb
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Honour new sitesconf_hook
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmtest: Use --pubkeys-elide instead of --output-version
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Fix an entry in &DEPS
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: all-privkeys: Define, and indirect throug...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: Test new long-term key arrangements
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: Generate new style sites.conf
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: Make sites.conf variable, in principle
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: Provide a new-style public key set for...
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontests: Pass --output-version=1 to make-secnet-sites
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Honour new privkey() hash
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Provide a global `hash' key
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonstest: Transfer pubkeys from test-example
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: Add a 2nd rsa1 key
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: Add the inside.key to the privcache too
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: Make privkeys by default
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksontest-example: Rules for making a privkeys directory
2020-02-15 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: Declare `pubkey' directive old