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2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: fix error handling
2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: sort out debugging output
2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: bugfixes
2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: bugfixes
2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: hideous errno workaround
2017-10-24 Ian JacksonRevert "fishdescriptor: try parse_eval_via_print"
2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: try parse_eval_via_print
2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: wip utility, bugfixes
2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: wip utility, bugfixes
2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: wip utility
2017-10-24 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: wip utility, before rename various...
2017-10-23 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: wip utility
2017-10-23 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: Make a public member
2017-10-19 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: before redo option parsing
2017-10-19 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: use lookup_type for the field list
2017-10-19 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: bugfix
2017-10-19 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: bugfixes, seems to get fds now!
2017-10-19 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: bugfixes
2017-10-18 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: bugfixes
2017-10-18 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: debugging
2017-10-18 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: debugging
2017-10-18 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: new approach
2017-10-18 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: wip reconsider approach
2017-10-18 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: wip, before reconsider approach
2017-10-17 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: wip (found)
2017-10-13 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: reorg python libraries again
2017-10-13 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: WIP fishing module, before move to...
2017-10-06 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: Allow "preloaded"
2017-10-06 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: Use os or dl for RTLD_now
2017-10-06 Ian JacksonRevert "fishdescriptor: Utility for RTLD_NOW"
2017-10-06 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: Utility for RTLD_NOW
2017-10-06 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: work on python code
2017-10-05 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: .so can be loaded
2017-10-05 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: donate: some bugfixes
2017-10-05 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: More work, before trying to compile it
2017-10-05 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: reorganise to my taste
2017-10-05 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: Upgrade licence of code from libxl
2017-10-05 Ian Jacksonfishdescriptor: Copy fd passing C sender code from...
2017-05-08 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start ~iwj again
2017-05-08 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 5.0.3~citrix2
2017-05-08 Ian Jacksongit-cache-proxy: Radically increase several timeouts.
2017-05-08 Ian Jacksongit-cache-proxy: New --serve-timeout option.
2017-05-03 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document -t option
2017-05-03 Matthew Vernonwith-lock-ex: Provide -t (timeout) option
2017-05-03 Matthew Vernonwith-lock-ex: Replace ad-hoc option parser with getopt.
2017-05-03 Ian Jacksonwith-lock-ex: Convert to MIT
2017-05-03 Ian JacksonAdd DEVELOPER-CERTIFICATE file and start using S-o...
2017-05-03 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start new entry
2017-04-26 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 5.0.3~citrix1
2017-04-26 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'mariner/master'
2017-04-26 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 5.0.1~citrix1
2017-04-26 Ian Jacksongit-cache-proxy: Add Citrix to copyright notices
2017-04-26 Ian Jacksongit-cache-proxy: Do not spuriously timeout on too many...
2017-01-23 Ian JacksonPortability fix: Fix on libcs where st_mtime is not...
2017-01-23 Ian Jacksonfinalise 5.0.1
2016-11-16 Ian Jacksonwith-lock-ex: provide -l
2016-11-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 5.0.1~
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 5.0.0
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: Use XkbKeycodeToKeysym instead of XKeyc...
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: Print error message, rather than segfau...
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: Drop obsolete variable "ts_last".
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonrules: Drop seddery for libgmp3c2 C++ ABI transition.
2016-11-05 Ian JacksonFix build repro by using gzip -n. Closes:#777300....
2016-11-05 Ian JacksonFix tiny typo in long description. Closes:#819746...
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Mention cgi-fcgi-interp argv fix
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksoncvs-adjustroot: reinvoke oursevles via "$0" rather...
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksoncvs-adjustroot: silently succeed for */CVS/Root entries...
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksoncvs-adjustroot: properly exit nonzero in case of error...
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Mention that rebuild will close #811216
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonnntpid: install in /usr/bin. Closes:#773651.
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonnntpid: Chiark::NNTP: spot if cat /etc/nntpserver fails
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksonnntpid: Rename ChiarkNNTP to Chiark::NNTP
2016-11-05 Tony Finchcgi-fcgi-interp: support CGI command line arguments
2016-11-05 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: correct the copyright header rubric.
2016-04-26 Ian Jacksondebian/changelog: finalise 4.5.0~iwj4
2016-04-26 Ian JacksonBackup: Honour CHIARK_BACKUP_SHAREDIR in snap/lvm script.
2016-04-26 Ian JacksonBackup: Add daft_sleep calls to snapshot code.
2016-04-26 Ian JacksonBackup: No longer attempt to lvchange -a n the snapshot...
2016-04-26 Ian JacksonAdd debian/.debhelper to .gitignore.
2016-04-25 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Fix logger buffer-handling bugs.
2016-03-30 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-perl: wip new stderr logging, does not work...
2016-03-30 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Send our own stage2 messages to syslog
2016-03-30 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Constify stage2
2016-03-30 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Remove use of err.h (preparation for...
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Demote its dependencies to Recommends.
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Actually get run in ~ right
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Provide -E option.
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Provide -G option.
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Reformat option table (nfc)
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Make ident_sc global, and introduce...
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Document accurately the default ident
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: mkdir ~/.cgi-fcgi-interp if necessary.
2016-03-29 Ian JacksonFinalise changelog for 4.5.0~iwj1
2016-03-29 Ian JacksonDrop a lot of -l options from xduplic-copier.
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Drop pointless linking -lgmp
2016-03-29 Ian JacksonDrop `-isp' from dpkg-gencontrol invocation.
2016-03-29 Ian JacksonFix .gitignore for new .txts
2016-03-29 Ian JacksonProvide more .txt `docs' (xbatmon-simple.txt, rcopy...
2016-03-29 Ian JacksonInstall manpage summer(1).
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncprogs: Generalise watershed.txt doc generation