Data retention question

Ian Batten igb at
Fri Jul 25 23:04:00 BST 2014

On 25 Jul 2014, at 20:40, Roland Perry <lists at> wrote:

> In article <CC40578D-6D94-4E79-B8AA-B40152DC82FF at>, Ian Batten <igb at> writes
>> "Criminals would like that" is not universal knock-down argument.  Cameras in every
>> bedroom would reduce domestic violence.
> Not very much, it generally takes place elsewhere.
>> You don't have to be a defender of violent abusers to think that it isn't an appropriate response.
> But being able to show where emailed death-threats (eg from an estranged ex-partner) were coming from might help.

We've functioned perfectly well as a society without needing to log the sender of every piece of paper mail
posted.  Why does electronic communication need more accurate logging?


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