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Tue Jul 29 12:05:12 BST 2014

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 >Do you value your safety more than you value your liberty?

It's not a simplistic tradeoff. If I have a kidnapper's knife to my 
throat and the only way the police can find me is by geo-locating my 
phone, then I think I'd rather be alive and findable than dead and not.

>for people whose
>lives are increasingly online, DRIP/RIPA's retention laws are
>equivalent to almost precisely that (metadata ~= content, in the
>context of things like addresses of websites you visit - "oh, visited
> - but that's all we know, no
>way we can get the content of the message there").

Just to answer this technical point: in theory the part after the first 
"/" should not be handed over to investigators. As an anonymising 
formula it's a bit crude, but hundreds of hours of work seemed to show 
there was nothing better, and it's also better than nothing, which was 
where we started the discussion.
Roland Perry

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