Data retention question

Roland Perry lists at
Tue Jul 29 12:07:48 BST 2014

In article <48388DD4-4697-4752-8ECF-9A98867DC413 at>, Ian 
Batten <igb at> writes
>> But being able to show where emailed death-threats (eg from an estranged ex-partner) were coming from might help.
>We've functioned perfectly well as a society without needing to log the sender of every piece of paper mail
>posted.  Why does electronic communication need more accurate logging?

On one hand the paper letter may have a postmark, fingerprints, and DNA 
under the stamp, and perhaps even handwriting to look at. On the other 
hand electronic communications make "everything" faster and easier. 
Including what the villains do. Isn't it fair to also allow law 
enforcement to benefit a little too?
Roland Perry

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