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> I recall reading about a Scottish Court decision (Court of Session?),
> which established that despite the notes in circulation not being legal
> tender,
> for practical purposes they have to be treated as if they were.
> Some guy had chosen to pay his council tax in cash,  the council refused,
> and it went to court.  The decision was that it would not be sensible
> for the council to refuse payment by notes in favour of 1 pound coins,
> and hence the council had to accept the notes.

The nearest I can find is this:

"Mr Coppel submits that the only form of payment that the Council are
obliged to accept as a matter of law is cash in legal tender, unless they
agree otherwise. As a matter of strict theory that may be right, although I
venture to suggest that a Council which required parking contraveners to
pay cash in notes, or coins of £1 or higher value (current legal tender)
would be vulnerable to a challenge on grounds of rationality."


(concerning a surcharge for using credit cards)

Francis Davey
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