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FYI - a lot of this comes from the work Kim Cameron and I did when I was 
with Microsoft (until Sep 2011)

If one clicks through the referenced .pdf to
http://www.nist.gov/itl/csd/ct/pec-workshop.cfm it is evident there are 
some serious people involved

Although I do not have warm words for Microsoft's activities in privacy, 
the concepts pursued here are IMHO still valid, 12 years after Brands' 
PhD thesis and 20 years after Chaum's SciAm article on privacy in e-govt.

Building these kinds of system _without_ such technology (and especially 
without a horizontal Data Protection law rather stronger than EU95/46 or 
the new Regulation) is just building a humongous transactional 
surveillance system...

Despite many to educate HMG since 2006 in many fora, AFAIK the UK 
version of NSTIC does _not_ have any similar genuine PET element 
(slender hope that it is in NSTIC), and _will_ be a humongous 
transactional surveillance system...


On 17/12/12 07:40, Peter Tomlinson wrote:
> This, I'm well aware, is a UK group, but from across the pond comes 
> news of NSTIC and the USA Identity Ecosystem Pilots:
> http://nstic.blogs.govdelivery.com/2012/12/13/seeking-small-business-partners-to-evaluate-nstic-identity-ecosystem-pilots/ 
> Seasons Greetings,
> Peter

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