Victory for the Mail! Children WILL be protected from online porn after Cameron orders sites to be blocked automatically | Mail Online

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Thu Dec 20 09:55:59 GMT 2012

Yes, I know, reading the Daily Mail rots the brain, although in my defence I only saw this story because it was on the front page that Paxman showed at the end of last night's Newsnight.  David Cameron is trying to square the circle of the Mail's howling about online pornography and the resounding results of the recent consultation exercise:

David Cameron writes:

> Want to restrict access to Facebook after 8pm? Decide to allow younger children to view fewer sites than their older siblings? Or want to stop access to certain sites altogether? Now you will be shown how to do it.
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So, for those of us in the security community, it appears Dave is going to solve the problem of home users sharing computers and/or sharing accounts at a stroke.  All the issues associated with people using one login (or, more commonly, no logins) will be gone.  And, better, devices which don't have the concept of multiple users (such as those iPads which so few people have bought, and which have been so unpopular since their damp-squib launch) will now be locked to a single user and won't be shared around in households.  Excellent!  That's a major security issue solved at a stroke!


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