Does the US have juristriction over the whole world?

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>But going through the visa process for various countries I have never 
>been asked what credit card I used to buy my ticket.

The most tedious trip I've ever been on from a "security" point of view 
was one to the USA where my ticket had admittedly been bought by a third 
party. Apparently this is a big indicator of risk.

But in our case (there were several in the party) the third party was 
HMG, and the hassle was especially irritating for one of the party who 
was a former diplomat.

I even saw that the airline had my name to tick off on a slip of paper 
as I checked in for the return flight back to the UK - perhaps they were 
just making sure I made it home safely. Sometimes you just have to go 
with the flow and ignore whatever it is in your lifestyle that makes you 
a false positive.
Roland Perry

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