Does the US have juristriction over the whole world?

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> Reading the original submission by MS to the Australian government, they
> fail to mention the nub of the matter: the protection (or lack of it) for
> personal data when it is held/used/misused/misappropriated/lost by the
> hasting organisation and/or its sub-contractors.

MS are well aware of the importance of having large contractual financial
penalties for their partners, in case of the mishandling their confidential
information. It makes it easy for partners to justify spending time and
money on security measures, because the cost is so considerably smaller
than the potential penalty.

> I get the impression that, leaving aside governments and government
> agencies, there is little or no protection in law for non US nationals for,
> for example, financial details obtained from having to register these at
> the
> time of purchasing a ticket to fly into or over or anywhere near the USA.

For now governments consider the US is too important a bully to upset by
challenging these requirements.
In some ways these can be considered to be a balance to their visa waiver.
But going through the visa process for various countries I have never been
asked what credit card I used to buy my ticket.

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