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William Heath wmheath at
Tue Nov 1 23:11:54 GMT 2011

Without wishing to wave red rags my view is there's quite a lot to do and
no-one to do it. They're just deciding how to allocate the funds this week
but in the grand scheme of things I dont think this is the biggest
government IT overspend out there. It's a great deal less than US NSTIC
budget (even allowing for larger country). They've got pressing deadlines
for huge operational systems (notably Universal Credit) which depend on

But let's ask.


On 1 November 2011 21:34, James Firth <james2 at> wrote:

> William Heath wrote:
> > - will the "ID providers" thrive as a separate new business or simply
> > merge into the other sorts of verification service (because verifying a
> > name or an account number is no different from verifying any other
> > attribute)
> I know it doesn't need saying, but I am going to anyway. Given this, and
> the
> obvious commercial and cost-saving benefits to banks etc, why the hell is
> £10m of public money being chucked at the problem?
> (Apologies for using the list like my blog)
> James Firth

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