More on the "Identity Assurance programme "

James Firth james2 at
Wed Nov 2 00:01:49 GMT 2011

William Heath wrote:
> Without wishing to wave red rags my view is there's quite a lot to do
> and no-one to do it. They're just deciding how to allocate the funds
> this week but in the grand scheme of things I dont think this is the
> biggest government IT overspend out there. It's a great deal less than
> US NSTIC budget (even allowing for larger country). They've got
> pressing deadlines for huge operational systems (notably Universal
> Credit) which depend on this.
> But let's ask.

Fair points, which then makes me wonder whether there are any long term
plans to sell such a service to banks and the like, or even float the whole
venture.  Whilst the government consultation on a Public Data Corporation
raises such a possibility for a central agency for "open" public data -
quite wrongly, in my view - there's no such suggestion here when, on the
surface, such an approach might work and deliver taxpayer value.

James Firth

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