ITV News at Ten tonight (10 November 2010)

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Thu Nov 11 08:04:03 GMT 2010

If you missed it (as I did), the clip is at:

(I know very well a family where a young adult with quite severe 
Aspergers became involved in a ring who abused children and exchanged 
pictures - sadly he cannot make his own judgements and thus was easily 
led. The problem now is what can be done to help him when he finishes 
his sentence - I favour guiding him into a closed community where his 
undoubted skills in civil engineering can be harnessed to give him a 
satisfying but safe life as well as benefiting that community. If anyone 
on the list can offer advice, please contact me privately: peter at


IPTV wrote:
> ITN are broadcasting a report on the use of computer evidence in 
> Operation Ore at 10pm this evening.
> ITN have obtained documents under FOI written inside police forces by 
> officers who recorded concern about flaws in the computer evidence 
> when the Operation was first launched. They have interviewed one 
> ex-officer who tried to issue warnings at the beginning. I am asked 
> for comments.
> The report is linked to a Court of Appeal hearing starting on Thursday 
> 11 November in which a group of defendants hope to unseat the way 
> computer records were used, and evidence of card fraud was suppressed.
> While not directly on the topic, this operation has in significant 
> part been the driver for implementing RIPA part III and advocating 
> further regulation, surveillance and data retention.
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