Consultation on change to RIP interception definition

Richard Clayton richard at
Tue Nov 9 14:13:03 GMT 2010

There is a brand new consultation from the Home Office which aims to fix
the deficiencies in UK interception law that were identified as a result
of the Phorm debacle...

... viz: removing the defence of reasonably believing you have
permission to intercept [modifying 3(1)]

and giving the Interception of Communications Commissioner a new power
to impose a civil penalty for intercepting without such permission [they
think that maybe the police wouldn't be consistent -- and if BT broke
the law again then there would be 52 parallel investigations, hmmm isn't
this devolved so should be 47?]...

The consultation only runs to the 7th December (no explanation is
included as to why the normal timescale guidelines are not being adhered
to -- which I wildly speculate is to beat the timetable for being
dragged into court in Luxembourg)

The consultation isn't yet on any of the myriad Home Office websites...
doubtless cuts in webmasters are to blame for that, and it will turn up
real soon now! (hello Simon!)

richard                                                   Richard Clayton

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary 
Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Benjamin Franklin 11 Nov 1755
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