ITV News at Ten tonight (10 November 2010)

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Wed Nov 10 17:39:10 GMT 2010

ITN are broadcasting a report on the use of computer evidence in 
Operation Ore at 10pm this evening.

ITN have obtained documents under FOI written inside police forces by 
officers who recorded concern about flaws in the computer evidence 
when the Operation was first launched.  They have interviewed one 
ex-officer who tried to issue warnings at the beginning.  I am asked 
for comments.

The report is linked to a Court of Appeal hearing starting on 
Thursday 11 November in which a group of defendants hope to unseat 
the way computer records were used, and evidence of card fraud was suppressed.

While not directly on the topic, this operation has in significant 
part been the driver for implementing RIPA part III and advocating 
further regulation, surveillance and data retention.

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