Consultation on change to RIP interception definition

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Tue Nov 9 21:21:09 GMT 2010

In article <GGmSXGWvbV2MFA7N at>, Richard Clayton 
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>There is a brand new consultation from the Home Office which aims to fix
>the deficiencies in UK interception law that were identified as a result
>of the Phorm debacle...
>... viz: removing the defence of reasonably believing you have
>permission to intercept [modifying 3(1)]
>and giving the Interception of Communications Commissioner a new power
>to impose a civil penalty for intercepting without such permission [they
>think that maybe the police wouldn't be consistent -- and if BT broke
>the law again then there would be 52 parallel investigations, hmmm isn't
>this devolved so should be 47?]...

Too late to suggest they take a look at the doormat issues I suppose?

(ie when does an email become no longer in transmission, in any sense)

Roland Perry

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