Civil Evidence Act 1995 and changing GP systems

Peter Gutmann (alt) pgut001.reflector at
Wed Aug 18 07:32:03 BST 2010

Peter Sommer <peter at> writes:

>The main purpose of the Civil Evidence Act 1995 was to admit hearsay evidence
>and to provide associated conditions.  Section 7 made it possible to admit
>copies of documents and section 8 allowed for the admission of "records" of a
>business or public authority provided there was an affidavit / certificate
>that the records formed part of the regular business activity.

This sounds exactly like the Business Records Exception for the US Federal
Rules of Evidence, was there a deliberate attempt to emulate this?
Australia has the same thing in Section 69 of its Evidence Act of 1995, I
wonder if there was deliberate cross-pollination there or if it was just
coincidence?  Hmm, and the UK one seems to be in section 9, "Proof of records
of business or public authority", not 8, if I'm reading it right.


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