Civil Evidence Act 1995 and changing GP systems

Adrian Midgley (Gmail) amidgley at
Tue Aug 10 00:44:50 BST 2010

One of the selection criteria I had for the first clinical record system
we installed was that I should be able to get all data out of it,

I satisfied that.

We now have EMIS, which I can't get data out of.

I retain the entire data files of the previous system and have open
source-based tools to read them.  The original software is encumbered by
security features and being a very large DOS Clipper program I would not
care to guarantee it will always be runnable on currently available

I agree, a pragmatic interest compels keeping this.

I think it is fairly stupid for conversions to only take across
currently registered patients.  People go away and come back.

However, I'm not keen on conversions that make the notes appear as if
they had been made in the new system in the first place.  They should
carry on looking as similar as reasonably possible to their original


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