Experian and benefit fraud

Peter Fairbrother zenadsl6186 at zen.co.uk
Tue Aug 10 17:03:53 BST 2010


The Gubbmint plans to get credit rating firms to check benefit claimants.

"One firm, Experian, said it was in talks over a deal which could see it 
get a "bounty" for cheats it uncovers."

"Experian said it already had a contract to look into new housing 
benefit claimants, in a deal agreed by the previous government. It 
expects the annual saving to be £17m."

"Asked about civil liberty fears about the government using firms to 
look into benefit claimants' spending, [David Cameron] said: "I do not 
think people should be concerned."

"If you are entitled to welfare and can claim it then you should claim 
it but if you are not entitled to it you should not get and should not 
claim it."

Pity nobody asked him more directly about the privacy implications. If 
Experian are to check benefits claimants, they will need to cross check 
the claimants with Experian's records.

Which means that Experian will need to have access to a constantly 
updated list of all claimants, and how much they get  ... wonder how 
much Experian are paying for *that* access?

-- Peter Fairbrother

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