Desktop/login and network managers that 100% don't depend on systemd ?

Mark Hindley mark at
Sun Jun 25 20:48:16 BST 2023

On Sun, Jun 25, 2023 at 03:38:20PM -0400, The Wanderer wrote:
> I'd prefer to avoid the entire logind complex(?), but as long as
> packages I want are going to depend on polkit which is going to insist
> on having a logind available, I don't have much choice in the matter.

It is on my todo list to add consolekit2 (back) to Debian, now upstream is
active again. I want to agree with Simon McVittie how the polkit integration
would work.  It does fine in Devuan, but that is based on 2 libpolkit flavours
and I am unsure whether Simon would want that or have a better idea.


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