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On Sun, 5 Feb 2023, matthias.geiger1024 at wrote:

>I take it (by a wide margin) most of people on this list use sysvinit. My questions:
>- Is there a specific reason you use it over openrc ?

It has existed for a very long time and does not change anything
needlessly. I actually dislike sysvinit, but the alternatives in
Debian are worse. This is mostly for muscle memory (and reliability
over the “modern” one), and keeping things working.

>The way I see it, openrc has some advantages over sysvinit:

Maybe, but it’s a new thing, and it’s got problems, such as the
differing init script syntax. They also limit it to /bin/sh…

>It has a dependency based startup, ordering of services

sysvinit+sysv-rc has that as well…

> and (imho) a saner init script syntax. 

I actually just looked and, let’s just say ugh. Tastes differ.
And this will break things that work now.

>I would like for openrc to be better/more integrated.

Sure, work on that, but keep sysvinit working and supported.
There’s a whole GR to support that, not that certain package
maintainers follow that…

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