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Hi all,

asking here for some advice. I use openrc as init on my machine as I believe the user should be free to run whatever they choose. What I dislike about systemD is mainly the feature creep. Want timesync? Use systemd-timesyncd (instead of ntp). Users aren't really given a choice since almost everything (including DEs') depend on it. But I probably don't need to tell you about this. 

I take it (by a wide margin) most of people on this list use sysvinit. My questions:

- Is there a specific reason you use it over openrc ?
- Which functionality do you prefer in sysvinit  ?

The way I see it, openrc has some advantages over sysvinit:

It has a dependency based startup, ordering of services and (imho) a saner init script syntax. 
I would like for openrc to be better/more integrated. To achieve this, we could do the following:

- Improve the documentation (in wiki.d.o) (they guide for switching the init is outdated iirc)
- gradually add more openrc scripts that don't exist natively (see #1026315 <mailto:1026315 at>)
- In general, nudge maintainers to drop useless B-Ds on libsystemd0 / create MR for allowing libelogind support

Thank you all for providing alternative inits and login providers. I hope the situation improves and the user is free to choose again.


Matthias Geiger (werdahias)
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