Bullseye release notes / install instructions for alternative inits

Joost van Baal-Ilić joostvb-debian-init-diversity at mdcc.cx
Fri Jul 23 15:35:50 BST 2021

Hi Matthew e.a.,

On Fri, Jul 23, 2021 at 12:10:48PM +0200, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Matthew Vernon - 23.07.21, 11:23:22 CEST:
> > I recently installed a new laptop using the latest Bullseye installer,
> > and it was reasonably straightforward :) I think we at least want
> > something in the install instructions on selecting alternative init
> > systems, and maybe also in the release notes on how to switch an
> > already-installed system?
> Whoa! This is spot on as I am currently writing an article about 
> alternative init systems for a German Linux publication :)
> It will not be specific to one distribution, but after giving an overview 
> about the situation in various distributions I will be focusing on 
> Devuan and Debian. I like to mention both and also note some of the 
> differences, like network-manager package in Devuan still having an init 
> script, while you need to install orphan-sysvinit-scripts on Debian.
> I think I will use your mail as a link in the article, since you 
> explained very well how to use a different init system in Debian.
> In case it does not get accepted into the release notes, which I sure 
> hope it does, I think it would be good to put this information into an 
> article in Debian wiki.

Yes, please save this very nice and well researched article in the Debian wiki.
I'd guess the risk of it not being accepted for release-notes is pretty high:
chroot-ing from within installer does not look like a to be suggested procedure
to readers of release-notes to me; I'd guess we'd first need full blown support
from within the installer ui.  And advertising this non-Debian list in the
release notes also would be open to debate.

wiki.debian.org seems like a perfect place to me.

Thanks for this very nice work!



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