status of policykit for elogind

Mark Hindley mark at
Thu Jan 24 19:04:24 GMT 2019

On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 07:40:04PM +0100, Andreas Messer wrote:
> Hello there,
> so, I'm just a little afraid to ask, but we're getting closer to having a
> new Devuan release and we really need to find a solution for polkit
> with elogind. This might be also of interest for Debian without systemd.


My reading of this is that there is unlikely to be a support for this in
Buster. There is elogind compile support (but the packaging still needs to be
resolved) in polkit 0.115 which is in experimental. 

At the moment we are waiting on Debian Policy being updated to include the new
logind and default-logind virtual packages (#917431). Until that is changed,
support in other packages is stalled (#915407).

> I barely remind that there was an idea of dynamic backend library loading.
> Does anyone know if there has been any work into that direction? I think
> such a big change would be better preserved in upstream sources than in a
> packaging patch.

I certainly want to get elogind support into polkit as soon as we can too.

I have still not seen any implementation in either Debian or Devuan of dynamic
or runtime loading. All of the current variations are based on multiple
compilation against different backends.

I am working on polkit for Beowulf/Ceres at the moment. And have updated
packages nearly ready.


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