status of policykit for elogind

Andreas Messer andi at
Thu Jan 24 18:40:04 GMT 2019

Hello there,

so, I'm just a little afraid to ask, but we're getting closer to having a
new Devuan release and we really need to find a solution for polkit
with elogind. This might be also of interest for Debian without systemd.

I have researched the current upstream state of polkit and Debian's
packaging. It looks to me, that there is not yet any work towards having
elogind support in there.

I barely remind that there was an idea of dynamic backend library loading.
Does anyone know if there has been any work into that direction? I think
such a big change would be better preserved in upstream sources than in a
packaging patch.

Some time ago I have prepared an, now already outdated, variant of
Debian's polkit packaging by just replacing libsystemd with libelogind.
[1] This is merely the same change we did already for Devuan/ascii, just
without providing different backends for consolekit and elogind. Since
Debian/buster seems to not provide consolekit anymore, and in turn
Devuan/beowulf will be probably also without it, the Devuan people
could probably live with such solution. But this approach would not
work for Debian - at least I don't see how it could.

At the moment I have the feeling that Devuan in the end will have its 
own variant of polkit packages which rely on elogind only.

Do you have any ideas if it would be possible to prevent this? I mean
for all, us the Devuan people and also the Debian Init Diversity people 
it would be really nice to have elogind support just in the standard
polkit packages without the need of specific packaging. Just my opinion.


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