Bug#934945: startpar: insserv attemps to write to /etc/.boot.* even with -p option

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Sat Aug 17 19:29:28 BST 2019

Jesse Smith writes ("Bug#934945: startpar: insserv attemps to write to /etc/.boot.* even with -p option"):
> The change has been made upstream so this should be fixed when the next
> version comes out, probably around the end of September. That would save
> the trouble of patching the test script.

For Debian, this test failure is regarded as an RC bug.  So we need to
fix it there ASAP, by forward porting the commit.  (A simple git
cherry pick I assume.  Plus the test dependency change if we need it,
of course, but we need to keep that.


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