Bug#934945: startpar: insserv attemps to write to /etc/.boot.* even with -p option

Jesse Smith jsmith at resonatingmedia.com
Sat Aug 17 19:04:27 BST 2019

On 8/17/19 2:14 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Jesse Smith writes ("Bug#934945: startpar: insserv attemps to write to /etc/.boot.* even with -p option"):
>> On a related note, in the startpar build log it shows the version of
>> startpar being tested is located at /lib/startpar/startpar. Upstream
>> we use the startpar executable in the local directory to make sure
>> we are using the fresh copy and not the system copy. It looks like
>> maybe Startpar is being installed before the test is run? In which
>> case it works out to be the same thing.
> Debian's CI at ci.debian.net wants to test *packages*, in the context
> of the whole system, so it tests everything as-installed.  So this
> seems correct.

Sounds good.

>> This is a pretty minor change, in the Startpar "testsuite/runtests" script
>> change the line which reads:
>> $INSSERV" -p etc/init.d test
>> to
>> $INSSERV" -p etc/init.d -i etc/init.d test
> It sounds like we should make this change to the test suite, and also
> add a test dependency saying we need at least whatever insserv gained
> the -i option ?

The change has been made upstream so this should be fixed when the next
version comes out, probably around the end of September. That would save
the trouble of patching the test script.

I'm not sure of the specific version where the behaviour change took
place, but any version of insserv >= 1.20.0 should be a good match for
startpar going forward.

- Jesse

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