Bug#934945: startpar: insserv attemps to write to /etc/.boot.* even with -p option

Jesse Smith jsmith at resonatingmedia.com
Sat Aug 17 19:50:13 BST 2019

On 8/17/19 3:29 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Jesse Smith writes ("Bug#934945: startpar: insserv attemps to write to /etc/.boot.* even with -p option"):
>> The change has been made upstream so this should be fixed when the next
>> version comes out, probably around the end of September. That would save
>> the trouble of patching the test script.
> For Debian, this test failure is regarded as an RC bug.  So we need to
> fix it there ASAP, by forward porting the commit.  (A simple git
> cherry pick I assume.  Plus the test dependency change if we need it,
> of course, but we need to keep that.
Attached is the patch to correct the bug. That can be used until
startpar-0.64 is published.

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diff --git a/testsuite/runtests b/testsuite/runtests
index 5776c78..1204592 100755
--- a/testsuite/runtests
+++ b/testsuite/runtests
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ touch etc/insserv.conf
 cp testscript etc/init.d/test
 chmod a+rx etc/init.d/test
-"$INSSERV" -p etc/init.d test
+"$INSSERV" -p etc/init.d -i etc/init.d test
 if $STARTPAR -d etc/init.d -e etc -P S -R 2 -M start 2>&1 | grep -q 'is running' ; then
     echo Test 1 success: the test script in init.d was running

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