Bug#934945: startpar: insserv attemps to write to /etc/.boot.* even with -p option

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Sat Aug 17 18:14:59 BST 2019

Jesse Smith writes ("Bug#934945: startpar: insserv attemps to write to /etc/.boot.* even with -p option"):
> On a related note, in the startpar build log it shows the version of
> startpar being tested is located at /lib/startpar/startpar. Upstream
> we use the startpar executable in the local directory to make sure
> we are using the fresh copy and not the system copy. It looks like
> maybe Startpar is being installed before the test is run? In which
> case it works out to be the same thing.

Debian's CI at ci.debian.net wants to test *packages*, in the context
of the whole system, so it tests everything as-installed.  So this
seems correct.

> This is a pretty minor change, in the Startpar "testsuite/runtests" script
> change the line which reads:
> $INSSERV" -p etc/init.d test
> to
> $INSSERV" -p etc/init.d -i etc/init.d test

It sounds like we should make this change to the test suite, and also
add a test dependency saying we need at least whatever insserv gained
the -i option ?


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