Upload of newest versions

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Sun Dec 9 20:56:29 GMT 2018

> But with insserv I have problems. Test suite `debian/run-tests' fails
> with 3 fatal and 3 non-fatal tests. No idea what it means.
> Jesse, would you be so kind to take a look and help to resolve issue?
> Maybe it would be possible to move those tests in `debian/run-tests'
> into upstream?

I have not seen this test suite before, so I'm going to download it and
see if I can figure out what it is doing and why it is failing in some
places. At a glance it looks like it should be easy to migrate upstream.

>From the output it looks like the test script is really just running
into one error that is sending up three reports. Not sure why yet, but
I'll look into it further.

- Jesse

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