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Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Sun Dec 9 21:15:52 GMT 2018

> But with insserv I have problems. Test suite `debian/run-tests' fails
> with 3 fatal and 3 non-fatal tests. No idea what it means.
> Jesse, would you be so kind to take a look and help to resolve issue?
> Maybe it would be possible to move those tests in `debian/run-tests'
> into upstream?

I looked into this test script further and I think the problem is in the
script, rather than insserv.

All three "fatal" errors come from the first check, it's called
"test_normal_sequence". All three tests fall because tested initscripts
are not in the correct position related to another script called

The script "nolsbheader" is empty, it's a blank file, and therefore
insserv does not place it in any runlevel. Since nolsbheader is not in
any runlevel, all tests run against it fail.

To me, this seems like correct behaviour. There is no header data, so
insserv does not place the script in any runlevel. The script is not in
place for tests because it's not a valid file. This seems to be in line
with the insserv manual page.

Unless there are objections, I think insserv is operating properly and
the tests against nolsbheader should be removed from the script. I'll be
happy to move the script upstream into the "tests/" directory.

- Jesse

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