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Roger Salmon roger.salmon at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 15:44:50 BST 2011

I like the Devonshire and think it probably has better food than the 
Blue.  But we should try the Blue again to make a comparison and I will 
be glad to do so this week (I am then away for two weeks).

I would be willing to reduce the quorum to 2.  How can we best recruit?


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On 24/04/2011 16:01, Stephen Turner wrote:
> The Blue is now fully reopen. Do we want to go there on Wednesday? Or
> one last week at the Devonshire first? (I'm happy either way).
> Also, what is the quorum now? I can see us missing most weeks if it's
> still three.
> Stephen
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> From: Terri&  Jethro
> Date: Saturday, 23 April 2011
> Subject: The Cambridge Blue
> To:
> Well Folks
> My apologies for not sending this sooner. We know some of you have
> already been in. Events suddenly started rushing and all of a sudden
> everything was ready to go. The result was that the 'conservatory'
> opened on Thursday and the kitchen yesterday. Which means that
> everything is just about back to normal. General chaos and lots of
> people.
> The new items on the menu seem to be being enjoyed, particularly the
> home-made burgers. There is a wider choice of children's meals too
> which is better.
> The next beer festival starts on Thursday 28th April and the one in
> the Summer is 28 June - 3rd July with the Gwydir Street Party on Sat
> 2nd
> Hope to see you all soon. Thank you all for your patience
> Jethro and Terri
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