[backgammon] Fwd: The Cambridge Blue

Stephen Turner s.r.e.turner at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 16:01:31 BST 2011

The Blue is now fully reopen. Do we want to go there on Wednesday? Or
one last week at the Devonshire first? (I'm happy either way).

Also, what is the quorum now? I can see us missing most weeks if it's
still three.


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From: Terri & Jethro
Date: Saturday, 23 April 2011
Subject: The Cambridge Blue

Well Folks

My apologies for not sending this sooner. We know some of you have
already been in. Events suddenly started rushing and all of a sudden
everything was ready to go. The result was that the 'conservatory'
opened on Thursday and the kitchen yesterday. Which means that
everything is just about back to normal. General chaos and lots of

The new items on the menu seem to be being enjoyed, particularly the
home-made burgers. There is a wider choice of children's meals too
which is better.

The next beer festival starts on Thursday 28th April and the one in
the Summer is 28 June - 3rd July with the Gwydir Street Party on Sat

Hope to see you all soon. Thank you all for your patience

Jethro and Terri

Stephen Turner

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