Chapter 6. libata SCSI translation/emulation

Table of Contents

ata_std_bios_param — generic bios head/sector/cylinder calculator used by sd.
ata_scsi_set_capacity — adjust device capacity
ata_scsi_slave_config — Set SCSI device attributes
ata_scsi_slave_destroy — SCSI device is about to be destroyed
ata_scsi_change_queue_depth — SCSI callback for queue depth config
ata_scsi_queuecmd — Issue SCSI cdb to libata-managed device
ata_scsi_simulate — simulate SCSI command on ATA device
ata_sas_port_alloc — Allocate port for a SAS attached SATA device
ata_sas_port_start — Set port up for dma.
ata_sas_port_stop — Undo ata_sas_port_start
ata_sas_port_init — Initialize a SATA device
ata_sas_port_destroy — Destroy a SATA port allocated by ata_sas_port_alloc
ata_sas_slave_configure — Default slave_config routine for libata devices
ata_sas_queuecmd — Issue SCSI cdb to libata-managed device
ata_get_identity — Handler for HDIO_GET_IDENTITY ioctl
ata_cmd_ioctl — Handler for HDIO_DRIVE_CMD ioctl
ata_task_ioctl — Handler for HDIO_DRIVE_TASK ioctl
ata_scsi_qc_new — acquire new ata_queued_cmd reference
ata_dump_status — user friendly display of error info
ata_to_sense_error — convert ATA error to SCSI error
ata_gen_ata_sense — generate a SCSI fixed sense block
atapi_drain_needed — Check whether data transfer may overflow
ata_scsi_start_stop_xlat — Translate SCSI START STOP UNIT command
ata_scsi_flush_xlat — Translate SCSI SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command
scsi_6_lba_len — Get LBA and transfer length
scsi_10_lba_len — Get LBA and transfer length
scsi_16_lba_len — Get LBA and transfer length
ata_scsi_verify_xlat — Translate SCSI VERIFY command into an ATA one
ata_scsi_rw_xlat — Translate SCSI r/w command into an ATA one
ata_scsi_translate — Translate then issue SCSI command to ATA device
ata_scsi_rbuf_get — Map response buffer.
ata_scsi_rbuf_put — Unmap response buffer.
ata_scsi_rbuf_fill — wrapper for SCSI command simulators
ata_scsiop_inq_std — Simulate INQUIRY command
ata_scsiop_inq_00 — Simulate INQUIRY VPD page 0, list of pages
ata_scsiop_inq_80 — Simulate INQUIRY VPD page 80, device serial number
ata_scsiop_inq_83 — Simulate INQUIRY VPD page 83, device identity
ata_scsiop_inq_89 — Simulate INQUIRY VPD page 89, ATA info
ata_scsiop_noop — Command handler that simply returns success.
ata_msense_caching — Simulate MODE SENSE caching info page
ata_msense_ctl_mode — Simulate MODE SENSE control mode page
ata_msense_rw_recovery — Simulate MODE SENSE r/w error recovery page
ata_scsiop_mode_sense — Simulate MODE SENSE 6, 10 commands
ata_scsiop_read_cap — Simulate READ CAPACITY[ 16] commands
ata_scsiop_report_luns — Simulate REPORT LUNS command
atapi_xlat — Initialize PACKET taskfile
ata_scsi_find_dev — lookup ata_device from scsi_cmnd
ata_scsi_pass_thru — convert ATA pass-thru CDB to taskfile
ata_get_xlat_func — check if SCSI to ATA translation is possible
ata_scsi_dump_cdb — dump SCSI command contents to dmesg
ata_scsi_offline_dev — offline attached SCSI device
ata_scsi_remove_dev — remove attached SCSI device
ata_scsi_media_change_notify — send media change event
ata_scsi_hotplug — SCSI part of hotplug
ata_scsi_user_scan — indication for user-initiated bus scan
ata_scsi_dev_rescan — initiate scsi_rescan_device